Expert Juicer Reviews Acquires Beyond The Hour

Expert Juicer Reviews Acquires an Australian Organization That Advocate for Measures That Will Reduce Global Warming

Expert Juicer Reviews, has been in existence for the last five years and has been at the forefront of providing useful knowledge to its audience.

13 November 2018.

Portland, OR – announced today that the purchase of has been completed, a leading researcher in the field of global warming. The organization is dedicated to increasing awareness of the problems of global warming by holding an event on every last Saturday of the month which they want to continue doing as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Earth Hour first began in 2007 in Australia as an attempt to conserve energy and electricity to combat global warming. Over the years, the event has made great strides and has attracted the attention of people all over the world. Now, more than 100 countries participate and help to conserve and prevent the spread of global warming and climate changes. The event consists of groups of participants shutting off lights and unnecessary electrical items for one hour one day a year. The first year alone, more than 2 million residents and businesses in Sydney took part.

Along with, they hope to achieve a lot, that will include:

  • Advocating for alternative clean energy like installing solar to our homes that will allow the use of the solar as a renewable energy
  • Advocating for the reduction of personal engagements that lead to fastened global warming
  • Recommending products that are rated Energy Star compliant so that our audience can save on electricity and reduce emissions
  • How to use appliances efficiently in order to reduce electricity and natural gas consumption in our households

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