How Do You Make Orange Juice with a Hand Juicer?

A glass of fresh orange juice that you have just squeezed will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to face whatever is in front of you — making it might only take a few minutes of your precious time. However, it’s worth the wait. Hand juicers provide you with one of the best options for making the juice. Apart from that, you may also want to look into hand squeezers. For this article, the focus is on hand, juicing a glass of orange juice. Below is a detailed explanation of what you have to do to make the hand juiced orange juice.

What are Hand Juicers? 

For starters, hand juicers are manual. That means they are not automatic the way you might be accustomed to from years of using centrifugal or masticating juicers. Nevertheless, these types of juicers are also quite efficient at doing what you want them to do. The solid ribbed cone on the juicers ensures that you will have little difficulty in pressing the orange down until the juice starts flowing. You need to apply a bit of effort, though. Otherwise, the juicer would not produce that fresh glass of juice that you crave.

How They Work

Now that you know what a hand juicer is, the next step is to understand how they work. As you will discover, they operate quite simplistically. Therefore, you have no reason for worrying about mastering the mechanics of the entire tool. To start, you would have to peel the orange. However, many people prefer juicing with the peel in place. Once you have settled that, you should now proceed to cut the orange in half. From then on, you should be ready to press the orange down on it. Depending on the orange, you may have to apply more pressure.

As you do that, the juice will begin flowing down the sides of the cone. On top of that, it will then make its way to the cup or bowl-like part of the juicer. From there, you can then pour it into a glass and prepare your taste buds for a memorably refreshing experience. When using this type of juicer, you will notice that it requires using your forearms and hands more. For this reason, you should be ready to put a bit more muscle into the work. As you juice, you should note that one orange will give you around 2oz of juice.

Lastly, many factors determine how much juice you eventually get. First, oranges come in different types. The type you choose will give you either more or less drink. The ripeness, or lack thereof, of the fruit, determines how much juice it gives you. Additionally, you should never disregard the coldness of the orange as that could have a bearing on the yield too. Juicing orange with the aid of a hand juicer is a highly rewarding venture. It guarantees you a glass of freshly juiced orange that entices and pleases your taste buds greatly. You should try it today!

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