Learn Why Juices Should Be Part of a Healthy Diet

Fruit and vegetable juices are an important factor in any healthy lifestyle due to their high nutrient content and additional health benefits. However as with all other food groups, they should be consumed within moderation and there are some juices which are more beneficial to the diet than others.

For instance it is important not to confuse juice drinks with fruit juice. Juice drinks contain a lot of artificial sugar that has been added to it, which can be harmful for the body for a variety of reasons. However fruit juice typically only contains the sugar fructose, which naturally occurs in the fruits themselves. It is true that fresh fruit juices still result in a rise of blood sugar levels, however the sugar present in these juices is much more easily digested and assimilated by the body.

An average person is much more likely to gain the most complete nutrients by drinking a glass of vegetable juice than they are from other types of food, and in addition the body better absorbs the nutrients from natural juice in a better way than from multi-vitamins. That is why I recommend everyone to get a good juicer for their home.

It is advised that fresh juices are best consumed on an empty stomach to give the body the best opportunity for absorbing all the nutrients available, however this is not essential. Although many fruits juices are considered to be harmful due to their acidic properties, they act as an alkalising agent in the body to maintain the body’s natural acid-alkali balance that is often disturbed by the many acid-producing foods present in the average diet. Maintaining this balance promotes the regeneration of healthy body tissues and can aid in speeding recovery if suffering from illness by boosting the body’s immune system.

The list of health benefits available from drinking fresh juice is endless, with nearly all juices providing a multitude of vitamins and minerals to aid the body. It is also an excellent way to help those struggling to reach the recommended level of at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

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