Can You Juice Wheatgrass Roots?

As one of the most popular herbs, wheatgrass has tons of health benefits. It is full of chlorophyll, nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins that make you strong and capable of functioning optimally. Mostly, you eat it as bread or cereal. However, you can also juice it. Before doing that, you should ask yourself a few questions. … Read more

What Are the Health Benefits of Cantaloupe Juice?

Otherwise known as musk melon, the cantaloupe belongs to the curcurbitaceae family which includes fruit and vegetables such as watermelon and honeydew. The cantaloupe has a light orange to salmon hued flesh, with an oval to round shape. The skin has a rough scaly like pattern and the flesh is soft with a musky aroma that is … Read more

Here are 5 Best Fruits and Vegetables to Juice

image of woman eating fruits

It is always recommended that we include fruits and vegetables in our diets. But I have often found myself wondering of the numerous fruits and vegetables which ones are the best for juicing and maintaining the proverbial well-balanced diet. What one chooses to describe as the “best” is a matter of opinion and if we … Read more

Is Apple Juice a Citrus Juice?

Citrus fruits are full of health benefits. Therefore, you should not hesitate to consume them. They are full of vitamins that keep your body functioning optimally. As you eat more of these fruits, you would be strengthening your immune system too. Additionally, your skin would be much smoother and elastic. In recent times, the love … Read more

Health Benefits of Kiwi Juice

Native to north-central and eastern china, the Kiwifruit’s scientific name Actinidia deliciosa should be enough to deduce that the Kiwifruit is all sorts of delicious.  The kiwifruit has juicy golden or green flesh with specks of black seed that are edible. Considered to be a generally fibrous fruits, a bite on the fruit exposes its … Read more

Health Benefits of Drinking Cranberry Juice

Drinking Cranberry Juice

An abundance of antioxidants, minerals such as iron, manganese, copper and vitamins that help fight unrestricted bacteria in body and aid in the prevention various diseases. Cranberry juice promotes overall health and body function.  It is unfortunate we only get to hear about cranberries once a year around the holiday season, considering their astringent detoxifying … Read more

Health Benefits of Drinking Banana Juice

batch of bananas

Largely produced and consumed globally, bananas are the most common fruits ever. Which is why you cannot take a trip to your local grocery store and fail to see them. There are well over 60 different varieties of bananas worldwide but most of them share the same nutritional profile and nutrients. Bananas are easy to … Read more

Health Benefits of Strawberry Juice

Occurring in different varieties, shapes, sizes and color, strawberries are undoubtedly the most popular berry in the world, so much so that during medieval French days, strawberries were believed to be an aphrodisiac. Even though there is no proof of the said aphrodisiacal properties, my love for strawberries has me thinking there is some truth … Read more

How Long Does Wheatgrass Last after Juicing?

Wheatgrass juice is full of wheat berries. It is nutrient-dense too. The range of essential fatty acids is quite impressive too. Chlorophyll and enzymes are also in plenty in the juice. However, you have to take good care of it, especially if you have no plan of drinking it any time soon. It is equally … Read more