Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Juicer

The numerous health benefits associated to juicing keep increasing with every new dawn. And if its growing popularity is anything to go by, juicing maybe here for the long haul. Juicing which refers to the process of extracting juice from fruits or vegetables – using a juicer – is a fad that even medical practitioners and nutritionist alike are endorsing because of the associated benefits.

Save Money

Juicing is a relatively pricey affair, particularly if you choose to do it on a whim rather than planning for it. Even more so if you opt to buy fresh unprocessed juice from the juice bar or supermarkets. As with most businesses, these places are looking to profit off their trade therefore their mark-ups may sometimes be outrageous. Owning a juicer will go a long way into saving you that extra dime. Not only are you able to source for the fruits and vegetables directly from the market, which in my opinion is way cheaper, but you are also able to juice as often as you wish.

Experiment with Different Options

Think about your favorite juice at the juice bar. Now imagine having the ability to create your favorite juice and many others in the comfort of your home. Owning a juicer sets you up to experiment with different ingredients and juice recipes thereby expanding your palette. You could very well create the world’s most sought-after exotic drink from your kitchen. Juicing allows for you to be able to consume more vegetables and fruits than you normally would if you opted to cook.

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Get More Value

I don’t need to tell you that organic unprocessed juice is superior in comparison to commercially store-bought juice. When you own a juicer, you can reap more from your ingredients. You could for example use fruit peels to create a jam or zest. You can opt to have your home-made juice with all its fibrous glory, which could help with your digestion or other health issues.  Store-bought juices may sometimes be overly diluted or contain a chock-full of sugar which is harmful to your health. Juicing provides a healthier alternative to the commercially made store bought juices. If you do start juicing, remember to make only as much juice as is necessary for immediate consumption.

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Raw is Better

It goes without saying that fruits and vegetables keep in most of their nutrients if they are uncooked. What this means for you is that you get to consume more nutrients from organic unprocessed juices as compared to if you opted to cook your vegetables. Unprocessed juices are highly recommended to offer quality nutritional value and a relatively good number of minerals and vitamins. Juicing separates the fruit/vegetable pulp leaving you with the liquid full of nutrients that gets absorbed directly into your body without having to be digested. The juices are also a healthy snack/meal replacement so instead of going for that unhealthy cookie or slice of cake, how about you enjoy a healthy guilt free treat in the form of a juice.

A juicer is one of the kitchen items that you probably don’t own but should. And if the reasons listed are not sufficient, we are sure that the thought of how easy your life will be after you purchase one will seal the deal.  We all appreciate tools that take away burden and a juicer is one such handy tool. So, whether you want to squeeze out some lime juice for your salads or just enjoy a refreshing cup of unprocessed juice, a juicer will go a long way in ensuring you do it as efficiently as possible.

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