When Should I Drink Wheatgrass Juice?

Without a doubt, wheatgrass is a superfood. It improves digestion and is perfect for anyone interested in a bit of detox. It comes with superb benefits too. Its juice is just as popular as the original plant. After all, you get a similar amount of nutrients and other accompanying benefits. For example, the juice can boost your immune system while lowering cholesterol. It would be difficult to enjoy all these benefits if you fail to take the drink at the right time.

Daily Consumption

If you are asking, “When should I drink wheatgrass juice”? Then it would be important to start by advising you to consume it daily. There is nothing wrong with that. What’s more, your body will not suffer. For what it’s worth, daily consumption is the perfect dose for keeping the benefit in a state of constantly receiving all the health benefits associated with the superfood. Moreover, you have multiple ways of ensuring that your body receives its daily dose of wheatgrass.


In answering the above question, it’s also critical to talk about harvesting. After all, the time you harvest the superfood determines how much nutrients you can expect to derive from it. For this reason, limit yourself to harvesting it 6-10 days after it sprouts. Anything other than this would leave you with a worthless drink. Furthermore, it’s good to clarify that wheatgrass is nothing other than the youthful grass stage of what will become the wheat plant.

Lack of Nutrients

Are you deficient in some minerals or nutrients? In that case, you should not prepare a diet plan that doesn’t include wheatgrass juice. Is your body lacking in chlorophyll? Has your body run out of the nine essential amino acids? If you answer these questions in the affirmative, you are the right candidate for drinking a glass or two of wheatgrass juice daily. Do it because the juice will also provide all the vitamins and antioxidants that your body lacks yet needs.

Empty Stomach

On top of all the above, you should also strive to consume the juice when on an empty stomach. Many people complain of nausea upon drinking it on a full stomach. However, when you haven’t eaten anything for a while, your body would incorporate the juice into your blood in around 20 minutes. More importantly, if you do that, you will feel a surge of energy running through your veins. The instant energy you feel makes the juice great for taking in the morning.

Lastly, you should also consider taking the juice whenever you feel like eliminating the toxins that have invaded your body. Has your body suffered a lot of inflammation? Is your blood sugar at an extremely high level? If that’s the case, you should include a glass of wheatgrass juice in your menu daily. Where the eyesight and digestion is poor, a few glasses of the drink would benefit your body greatly. Take a few sips too when you’re weak or running out of strength.

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