Why One Should Get Juicing?

By now, almost everyone has heard of “Juicing”. A huge array of celebrities, talk show hosts, and individuals looking to get healthy have jumped on this craze. But what are the benefits, and why should you try it for yourself?

Doctors and physicians recommend getting as many as 6 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This is recommended because they contain many nutrients, vitamins, and fibers that we need to keep our bodies healthy. Studies have shown that those who actually consume the recommended number of servings have healthier weights, longer lives, and reduced risk of contracting illness or disease. However, it is extremely difficult to sit down and eat 6 to 8 fruits and turn around and do the same for vegetables. When you juice, you can pack it all down into a delicious and convenient beverage. You can drink your nutrients, saving you time and energy.

Many Americans struggle with weight problems. Fruits and vegetables typically have less calories the other snacks, and are a great option when choosing a healthy snack. A proper juice is not only good for you, but it is also very filling! Since fruits and vegetables have lots of fiber, you will feel fuller and for a longer period of time than if you were to choose an unhealthy food. A great tactic for weight loss is to drink a glass of water before a meal, because humans can sometimes confuse the feeling of hunger for the feeling of thirst and you can fill some space in your stomach before you eat your meal. If you chose to pursue this tactic, why not replace the water with juice? You will get the benefit of filling up with a liquid while giving yourself a jolt of vitamins.

Realistically speaking, most of us are busy and on the go most of the time. Who has the time to stop and eat a juicy, sticky fruit or a hard, uncooked vegetable? Juicing allows you to be healthy on the go! Preparing your beverage is amazingly easy and fast if you have juicer. Once you’re done, pour in a thermos and you’re on your way! You can get the benefits of nutrients throughout the day while only having to prep once. There is no better way to curb the urge to stop at a fast food drive-through than to have your filling and satisfying juice with you on hand.

Even if you are already on the ball about eating healthy, many people still find it is easier to eat fruits, because vegetables are often disliked. By mixing your fruits and veggies together, you can mask the taste of vegetables in the sweet fruit juice. Even the kids will get their daily value, and will not even be able to tell that they’re getting those essential minerals!

Basically, as long as you’re buying from the produce section, you are doing your body right. But juicing has many benefits that go beyond just getting it in your body. Consider whipping out your blender the next time you come home from the store, and you’ll see how this trend can help make your life easier and healthier.

I also found a video that talks about the various benefits of juicing:

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